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Report: Sixers still want Terance Mann in James Harden trade, after Clippers offered Mann to Blazers

If the Clippers were willing to offer Terance Mann to the Trail Blazers for Jrue Holiday, the Sixers don’t see why Mann shouldn’t be on the table again for a James Harden trade.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Jay Metzger/NBAE via Getty Images

Ever since reports first started that the Clippers were the top potential trade partner for the Sixers in a James Harden deal, we’ve heard many times that Terance Mann isn’t on the table.

In exchange for Harden, that still seems to be the case. But Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports has now reported that the Sixers are partly set on receiving Mann in any Clippers trade offers as L.A. already offered Mann to the Trail Blazers for Jrue Holiday, before Holiday landed in Boston:

The Sixers’ insistence on also receiving Mann, sources told Yahoo Sports, is just as predicated on the fact Philadelphia officials learned Los Angeles offered Mann as part of the Clippers’ overtures to land Jrue Holiday from the Blazers as it is the Sixers’ valuation of the Florida State product. And for all the perceived pressure on Philadelphia to maximize the waning years of Embiid’s prime after his myriad maladies, the Sixers also see a Clippers franchise that has pressure to excel in its final season before moving into a new, expensive arena — all while Kawhi Leonard and Paul George could be playing their final seasons with the organization.

The trade value of Holiday vs. Harden is up for debate, but if the Clippers offered Mann for Holiday it shouldn’t be unthinkable that he should be attainable again for Harden. As flawed as Harden has been in the playoffs, and as an unappealing as his attitude may be after yet another trade request, he still performed at an All-Star level last regular season. He’s one of the top playmakers in the league and an efficient 20-point-per-game scorer.

At least, you can’t blame Daryl Morey and the Sixers for not shifting from that stance in trade discussions.

With L.A. and Philly clearly far apart on what trade packages they deem acceptable, it doesn’t look like a deal is happening particularly soon.

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