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Joel Embiid weighs in on recent NBA trades

Damian Lillard is on the Bucks. Jrue Holiday is on the Celtics. James Harden is still a Sixer and Joel Embiid does not appear to be enjoying things.

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

While I’m not sure Sixers fans would describe this Sunday morning as fun, that is the word reigning NBA MVP Joel Embiid used when he decided to fire off a tweet just an hour after the Boston Celtics acquired Jrue Holiday.

Holiday was looked at as Philly’s last chance to move on from James Harden before the season started while also receiving what the Sixers would deem as fair value in a return. With Damian Lillard and Holiday off the board, the Sixers are locked into running it back this season unless something wildly unexpected happens.

While Sixers fans are left wondering whether this was just another troll (for the record, he also removed “Troel” from his Twitter name) or an indication at Embiid being genuinely disgruntled with the franchise, at least someone thought this summer was fun.

We won’t need to wait too long to figure where Embiid’s head is with Sixers media day set for Monday morning.

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