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Triple H tempts Embiid with hilarious suggestion to pay fines in advance for more ‘obscene gestures’

The Sixers are Thrusting the Process directly to the top of the Eastern Conference standings and WWE Star Triple H is absolutely loving it.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid has long been a fan of WWE’s Triple H. And he’s even given homage at times to the D-Generation X celebration. Or what Sixers fans now refer to fondly as #ThrusttheProcess.

In a high impact game vs. the Brooklyn Nets the other night, the first game that both Embiid and former Sixer first overall pick Ben Simmons shared the floor, Embiid busted out the semi-lewd cellie.

Doris Burke only unwittingly added to the salaciousness of the moment, when describing Embiid’s rare combination of power and agility, just as ESPN decided to replay Joel’s... well... #suckit gesture:

Kevin Durant, out with an MCL injury, was live tweeting during the game. And said it was a trash celebration. (Deep down KD knew it was awesome though).

And after the game, Joel had an at-the-ready clap back for Durant:

There’s no way Joel had time to concoct that well-edited music video juxtaposing Triple H and Embiid’s own celebrations, along with some Brooklyn Nets players. So my thinking is that a buddy of Joel had a little fun on the i-Movie app while the Sixers were still taking care of the Nets. Philadelphia would win 137-133.

Not long after we would learn the NBA, or the “No (B)Fun (A)League” as our Jackson Frank quipped, fined Embiid a cool $25,000. minute

It’s relative peanuts for a perennial MVP candidate set to make nearly $60M annually come 2026-2027. Not to mention what he gets for changing his nickname to Joel “Hulu has live sports” Embiid on the rare occasion. Still, if James Harden had been on the one yard line to get him to invest in his wine company maybe this fine by the No Fun League will cost James.

And now this:

Embiid’s hero and friend made the hilarious (and perhaps tempting) recommendation to Troel to buy in bulk a season’s worth of more DX celebrations.

If he wrote his check for $100,000 could Embiid get five more ThrusttheProcess’s for the price of four? Maybe we’ll find out. It’s not the worst idea.

But maybe Adam Silver is absolutely furious at this stuff. For a league that hates when James Harden bops the ball off the stantion in frustration, hates when Steph Curry flings his drippy mouth piece ‘cause Jordan Poole chucks logo threes when Steph is open, and hates when Joel thrusts the Process, Triple H’s economically minded tip may not be as funny to them as it is to us.

Go Sixers.

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