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Podcast - The Gastroenteritis Blues: (153) Sixers lay an egg vs. OKC; should Harden be an All Star?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

That game sucked! On tonight’s episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues, Emily, Drew and Steve give their immediate reactions to the Sixers’ sluggish and dispiriting performance versus the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. Do they blame Doc Rivers? James Harden’s turnovers? Maxey’s shot selection? Did P.J. Tucker play? Who’s to say! They discuss the other games from the week, Joel Embiid’s return to the lineup, injuries in Boston and Brooklyn, and much more.

Also covered: the recent discourse surrounding Harden’s All Star candidacy this season, debating the Sixers overall worst loss thus far, and the Eagles, as the squad wrapped up the #1 seed in the NFC last Sunday.

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