Do you think you could / would be a better coach than Doc Rivers?

A small sample of some of the responses from the current article posted on Liberty Ballers...

(Montrezl Harrell is good, but signing him means we have to talk Doc Rivers some more)

"He can't be that stupid"

"The league has left him behind"

"make the very same mistakes, over and over and over again"

"a coach incapable of exploiting mismatches and making tactical lineup changes on the fly"

"this is not, imo, merely "a flaw". It is a...coaching disability."

"Hopefully this is Doc's last year."

Perhaps the title of my Fanpost should have been: Do most of you think you could / would a better coach than Doc Rivers? :-) Mind you, he is barely +.500 in career playoff appearances so there is that...

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