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Frances Tiafoe trusted the process ahead of his upset of Rafael Nadal at US Open

American tennis star Frances Tiafoe rocked a Joel Embiid jersey ahead of his US Open match against legend Rafael Nadal, ensuring an upset victory.

US Open Tennis/Twitter

Trusting the process works — just ask American tennis star Frances Tiafoe after his upset over the legendary Rafael Nadal on Monday.

Tiafoe was able to take down the 22-time Grand Slam winner and the all-time leader in men’s major singles titles. Before the match Tiafoe could be seen wearing a Joel Embiid jersey while practicing.

Embiid, a tennis enthusiast, enjoyed Tiafoe’s victory.

The 24-year-old Maryland native’s win was historic. It marks only the third time Nadal has been beaten by an American player. The last time it happened was 2006 against Andy Roddick (James Blake was the only other American to take down Nadal a year prior). Tiafoe is also the youngest American to advance to the quarterfinals of the US Open since Roddick in 2006.

Tiafoe’s win was so massive he got a king to chime in.

It’s cool to see an American-born player star on such a big stage. Especially someone with Tiafoe’s background and personality. The son of immigrants from Sierra Leone, Tiafoe literally lived at a tennis court in Maryland growing up.

Much like the player whose jersey he was wearing earlier in the day, the guy also doesn’t lack for confidence. This from the official US Open website:

Ahead of his fourth-round match against Rafael Nadal, the all-time tour leader in majors, Frances Tiafoe talked a big game. Though he hadn’t won a set against Nadal in the two matches they played three years ago, the American warned: “I’m definitely a different player from 2019, playing much better. Now I believe I can beat him.”

“I’m definitely going to come after him,” proclaimed Tiafoe.

And he did.

We won’t talk about Tiafoe wearing jerseys of other NBA stars a little south of here or his friendship with a baseball player from a certain team slightly north of here. We can just cheer on the young man as he enters the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Trust the Process.

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