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Sixers new City Edition jerseys appear to have leaked

And they’re not bad!

The Sixers’ jerseys have always been a talking point online — ranging from the off-white uniforms, to the Creed sponsorship that lasted eight games, to the “New Philadelphia” marketing campaign. We did, however, get solid uniforms last season with the fresh Spectrum jerseys.

Now, we have a new leak. We’ve seen a rough mock-up of this jersey floating around since the beginning of the year. This new image echos the same design, with more refined details and an alternate court:

Going from the top down, the front of the jersey says “The City of Brotherly Love.” I like that the “The City” is in a blue color while the “Brotherly Love” is in a nice red outlined with a thin blue line. The numbers feature the same color scheme and are in a nice font.

The side paneling of these jerseys, which were absent in the early mock-ups floating around, really help the overall design. It would be simply too plain without it. Modern jerseys have really pushed the idea of minimalism, to the despise of many. I’m looking at you, Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz.

The shorts might arguably be the best part — they nailed these. The same side paneling from the top is found here, with a nice “76” logo that we’ve seen for a minute now.

In the past we’ve gotten alternative center court designs, which was fine, but somewhat underwhelming in comparison to what other teams do. It’s been refreshing to see them debuting some entirely new courts to go with their alternate jerseys. The Sixers aren’t doing anything exciting with it this year, but it’s a nice complimentary piece to these jerseys.

Two talking points I’d like to point out in regards to the court: the wood choice they picked was awesome. It gives off an old vibe, not in a boring or bad way, but rather a nice nod to the Sixers’ long history and tradition. The other point I’d like to point out is the fact that the “Wells Fargo Center” is done in a color that almost entirely blends in with the court — which at this point is just humorous.

Overall, these jerseys are pretty solid. I’d personally rate them around a 7.5 or 8 on a scale of one to 10. They won’t satisfy the never-ending hunger for the Allen Iverson-era black jerseys, but they’ll look good when they do wear them.

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