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What’s the ‘special mindset’ to play in Philly?

We discuss Daryl Morey saying players need a special mindset to play in Philadelphia, lingering concerns about the Sixers’ rotation, and more.

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Philadelphia 76ers Introduce James Harden

In this week’s episode of the Talking About Podcast, Sean Kennedy and David Early open with a discussion on Daryl Morey’s comments from his interview on the Take Off with John Clark. Daryl says he was surprised that players need to have a special mindset to play in Philadelphia, and he has needed to learn how to identify who those players are as part of his talent evaluation. Here’s the clip as well as a transcription of that portion of the conversation:

“I’d say the biggest surprise are the players who can’t play here. It’s actually not helpful to me. The more options I have, the better. But I do think I’m starting to learn and I do love it about Philadelphia, ‘cause I do think it gets the best out of our team. And I’ve seen it with not only our team, the Eagles, and the Phillies. And I never understood this, being in Houston when people would say, ‘Oh, you need to have a special mindset to play in Philly. You need to have a special mindset to play in, maybe, New York.’ Although I think that’s less true. Honestly, I can only speak to Philadelphia because I’ve been here now. I do think, I really do pay attention to the mindset of the players. Can they handle playing in Philadelphia? Because I do think it’s a different thing.”

Was this a direct shot at former Sixer Ben Simmons? And what is the ‘special mindset’ needed to succeed in Philadelphia?

Speaking of Ben Simmons, the Rights to Ricky Sanchez’s Spike Eskin has alerted us to a certain prop bet available on DraftKings:

Hasn’t played a game in a year and a half. Coming off back surgery. Are we backing up the Brinks truck on the under here?

With Montrezl Harrell’s signing looking to solidify the rotation, do we have any lingering concerns? Does the P.J. Tucker-Tobias Harris forward combination provide enough spacing? Are there any other holes Morey might still need to fill?

Adam Silver informed the public that the league investigation into the Sixers’ signing of P.J. Tucker is still ongoing. Do we believe him that another team complaining wasn’t what prompted the league to investigate? How do we predict this will conclude?

Finally, we provide quick thoughts on some areas of development we’d like to see for a couple Sixers starters.

Tune in for all those conversations on this week’s episode, which you can listen to below:

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