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Give me Liberty (Ballers), or give me death!

I’m taking my talents to South Philly.

“Ball is life” has become a funny little saying, but also holds so much truth for so many of us. I am certainly no exception.

When I was 2, I would watch a Dream Team VHS with my Dad, repeating each player’s name the best I could. “Bar-Bark” was Barkley, “Jo-Jo” was Jordan. We’d watch it every night before I went to sleep.

In third grade we had a project on our heroes and held an assembly afterwards. To start the assembly, several students were chosen to stand up & yell out their hero. “George Washington!” was first, followed by “Abe Lincoln!” The next girl yells “My Grandpa!” followed by me, who proudly stood up and yelled “Allen Iverson!”.

Fast forward to middle school and I am wearing an arm sleeve, headband and tights in every game I played in for my school team. You already know I had the Iverson 5’s in every color as well.

High school comes around and we’re playing in a tournament in Palm Springs, California. I hit this kid with a crossover I’d watched, studied & practiced literally thousands of times (Iverson on Antonio Daniels). Crowd went nuts. I’ve never felt cooler. Highlight of my short career, no doubt.

Years later and I’m getting married to my lovely wife. The photographer calls all my boys up for some pictures and we’ve all got Sixers socks on. See below:

Weeks later, my wife and I find ourselves in a very strange and unexpected position. The doctor tells us she has a brain tumor the size of an apple. Her surgery goes extremely well, I go in to see her and ask how she’s doing. One of the first things she says is, “Did we get the first pick?” The Sixers had just won the draft lottery.

Point is - Ball really is life, at least a big part of it. The 76ers are more than just a team, basketball is more than just a sport.

Here we are today and I am so incredibly excited to be announcing that I’ve joined the SB Nation team and Liberty Ballers family. That’s Ball Folks! has already taken me places I would have never imagined, but the fact I’m able to be surrounded by such amazing talent and people here is mind blowing. I am extremely blessed and unbelievably grateful for this opportunity.

Big things are coming and I cannot wait to share them with you all.


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