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Podcast: Eagles win, Phillies in playoff push, Sixers set for training camp

Paul and Shamus are back for the third episode of their newly launched Philly-sports centric podcast!

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On this edition of the Thirsty Dogs Drink Faster podcast, Paul Hudrick and Shamus Clancy break down an Eagles Week 1 win, Jalen Hurts’ performance, an ugly finish from the defense, and look ahead to the Monday Night Football matchup and home opener vs. the Vikings. Plus, the Phillies’ playoff push, the Sixers make the Montrezl Harrell signing official and what to make of John Tortorella as the Flyers inch closer to training camp.

  • Eagles win!
  • Hurts wins with his legs but had a few big moments with his arm
  • A.J. Brown is everything we dreamed of
  • What happened to the defense?
  • How much blame should Jonathan Gannon be getting?
  • Looking ahead to a tough matchup against the Vikings and … sigh … Justin Jefferson
  • Dak Prescott’s injury has the Eagles’ odds improving across the board?
  • Should the Cowboys go after (gulp) Nick Foles?-The Phillies look playoff bound, so why is there so much apathy among fans?
  • What could get people excited about the Phillies earning a wildcard spot?
  • Harrell is a good player, but his signing raises some concerns
  • Are the Flyers the New York Jets of the NHL?

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