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Podcast - The Gastroenteritis Blues: (137) Montrezl Harrell is a Sixer and we feel meh about it

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

On today’s episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues, Steve and Dan discuss the big news from the week that was: Montrezl Harrell is a Sixer. He signed with the Sixers on a two year deal, as the Sixers’ front office could not help itself but to sign a veteran big man to steal some (all?) minutes from friend of the podcast BBall Paul. They take a look at every aspect of this signing, from Harrell’s positives — inside scoring, foul hunting, toughness, energy, fighting — and his negatives — defense, outside shooting, how much Doc Rivers loves him, etc — before levying an overall verdict for how they feel about the signing at the end of the day. They also toss out a gentle reminder about who actually signs players to the Sixers.

Also discussed: BBall Paul’s tweeted-and-deleted response to the Harrell signing, Shams Charania’s report about the In-Season Tournament, and an Eagles preview which took place prior the Birds’ Week 1 victory over the Detroit Lions.

Finally, the guys play a couple Sixers Sporcle games, which will both delight and infuriate you listening and home. Listen and play along, especially if you’re a big Red Kerr fan.

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