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Podcast: A look back at the biggest mistakes of the Bryan Colangelo and ‘Collaborative’ era

Dave Early joins Adio Royster to look back at when the Sixers had a collaborative front office, which also had a ton missteps.

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Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant /NBAE via Getty Images

Adio Royster and Dave Early had to take the week off last week to handle family business in their true realities. Still, they’re both back this week to travel to different alternate dimensions in Philadelphia 76ers history.

This week, your hosts have decided to turn the multiverse machine to full power with full batteries and span several alternate universes simultaneously. It’s a daunting journey through time and space that they are ready for.

Before hiring Daryl Morey as their general manager, the Sixers went through a time that was simply known as the “collaborative time paradox.”

During this paradox, several figureheads made decisions for the team all at once: Brett Brown, Bryan Colangelo, Jerry Colangelo, Elton Brand, David Blitzer, Ned Cohen, Scott O’Neill, and so on.

That group of individuals is responsible for some of the most painful decisions in Sixers lore over the last five years: the Markelle Fultz draft, the Tobias Harris trade, the Jimmy Butler fiasco, and the Al Horford signing.

This group made so many questionable (or just plain wrong) decisions. Maybe if the crew made one or two of those decisions, the Sixers could have been in a better place now.

However, all of these decisions were made throughout multiple off-seasons. Has it been too much to overcome?

Adio and Dave get into the “what”s of their top-ten missteps from this group and what could have been if each one went a little differently. This week’s episode is a long journey, but it’s one your hosts are willing and able to take. Strap in. Buckle your seat belts. This ride is going to be rough!

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