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Podcast: Reviewing James Harden’s offseason

Jackson Frank joins Sean to discuss Harden’s new deal, offseason training and how he can be more effective as a scorer next season.

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Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s a very special James Harden edition of the Talking About Podcast, as Liberty Ballers’ Jackson Frank joins the pod to discuss The Beard’s offseason.

Jackson provides his thoughts on Harden’s new contract - was he surprised by the eventual 1+1 structure? Then, he and Sean recap Harden’s new approach to his offseason and the good vibes around the team workouts and bonding events, which will hopefully help the Philadelphia 76ers as they try and compete for an NBA championship next season.

How much stock should we put into these things, and what’s the level of optimism for James having a normal and, what appears to be, fully healthy offseason?

Finally, Jackson dives into his recent piece for Liberty Ballers, analyzing how the new version of Harden could tweak his game moving forward, particularly in regard to increased usage in the mid-range.

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