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Tyrese Maxey is your new favorite quarterback

The Sixers guard is apparently a man of many talents.

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The majority of Tyrese Maxey offseason clips we’ve been treated to have featured him further diversifying his jumper and creativity around the basket. More than anything, offseason clips are a snapshot into what players are working on and a chance to see players hooping outside of traditional NBA settings. Joy sits at the heart of them.

Maxey continued the theme of joy, when he shifted his talents to the gridiron and showcased his quarterback skills. The confidence he’s exuded since Day One in the NBA sits centerfold in these clips. He kicks things off by strutting up to the camera and labeling himself a dual athlete.

“I just wanted to show y’all us Texas athletes are dual athletes — all of us,” he says, staring deadpanned into the camera. “I hoop, but I really could’ve went to the NFL. Whoever need me at QB, y’all know my agent. Call Rich (Paul).”

That’s a perfect closing line, just masterful. He then proceeds to uncork a a 45-yard(?) bomb after a five-step drop and hollers in excitement.

“Wooo! Oh, my God! Right on the money, right in stride!” he exclaims.

Maxey’s second throw might be even better. He hucks another 45-yarder down the right sideline, but this one doesn’t force the receiver to decelerate and break inside. It’s, as he said, “right on the money, right in stride!”

Can the Eagles sneak him into some non-contact reps during training camp? Is there a quarterback battle brewing between him and Jalen Hurts? Most importantly, can we see Hurts and Maxey compete in a 40-yard dash? I only need the answer to one of those to be yes and I’ll be content.

Fellow Klutch Sports client Anthony Edwards, who said football was his first love, was spotted earlier this offseason on the gridiron. He and Maxey should link up.

Edwards’ arm talent seems to comfortably eclipse Maxey’s, my word, he freaking launched those suckers! But Edwards’ speed, bounce, strength and 6-foot-5 frame are a better fit to catch passes from Maxey rather than vice versa. Let’s get these two together. They’re not short on charisma or confidence. Maybe, Klutch can field an entire 22-man unit of its NBA clients.

Surely, there’s a place for LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons (bet you didn’t expect to see his name in this article) somewhere. Aaron Gordon, Eric Bledsoe and Dejounte Murray can contribute too. Wikipedia says Klutch represents 34 NBA players. The time is now to get the ball rolling. Just make sure Maxey is at quarterback. He could’ve went to the NFL.

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