What a Difference a Year Makes: Remembering and Hating Sixer Offseason 2021

Looking back, last offseason was really terrible. Ben wrecks the season by falling apart against Atlanta and then demands a trade at his lowest possible value. Remember how horrible it all was? Here are three things I hated.

I hated hearing reports of the Sixers asking for too much in return for Ben Simmons. Remember these stories? The Sixers ask for Wiseman, Wiggins, plus 7 and 14 for Ben Simmons. The Sixers ask the Spurs for two young players, three number ones, and two swaps. It was horrible. It was embarrassing because the Sixers seemed stupid to expect teams to trade Jrue Holiday or Anthony Davis packages to the Sixers for a player who just became UNPLAYABLE in the playoffs right in front of all of our eyes. Are we supposed to pretend we didn't all see that?

Second thing I hated: Reports of the Sixers turning down trades I would have accepted. Malcolm Brogdon and pick 12 for Ben sounds good to me. Or CJ McCollum and Robert Covington. Let’s just get that done! Or Halliburton and Hield. Why are we acting like waiting is not a problem when we should be trying to do something about Embiid’s prime years? With a functional point guard we would have beat Atlanta so why not just get something for Ben so we can move on? Reasonable deals seemed in reach last summer but didn’t happen.

A third thing I hated: Because the Ben situation was unresolved, it meant that the Sixers couldn’t really do anything else. They couldn’t make moves involving assets or draft picks since they might have needed those to get Dame or Beal or who knows what. So they re-signed Danny Green and Furk and brought in Niang and Andre Drummond– AND THAT WAS THEIR WHOLE OFFSEASON! They couldn’t do anything until Ben was traded, so they went into the season with a messed up roster that required Korkmaz to play point guard!

So, here is the good news about this offseason. No talk about Ben Simmons trades. No news about him or his cars or his relationships or houses or whether or not he is actually good or not. We don’t have to think or care about Ben Simmons. His limited game or absence won't make building the roster so difficult. Last summer had playoff games on JULY 20th and everything was late and weird. This summer is amazing in comparison! It’s not like two years ago when the Sixers had to dump Horford and take a massive L on that whole situation. In comparison, this year they get Harden on a pay cut. This year, the Sixers have already made the Ben trade and the subsequent moves. Covid is not what it was last year, there are no Olympics (I’m looking at your lack of improvement Matisse), and the Sixers finally get a normal off season where they can put together a solid roster. They are going to South Carolina as a team! Take the over on the Sixers win total this year because what a difference a year makes!

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