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Learning more about Trevelin Queen: A Q&A with G League writer Dakota Schmidt

Queen’s numbers are intriguing, but let’s dive into the actual skill-set.

2021-22 G League Finals - Delaware Blue Coats v Rio Grande Valley Vipers Photo by Christian Inoferio/NBAE via Getty Images

On the first day of free agency, the Philadelphia 76ers agreed to a deal with Trevelin Queen, who won G League MVP in 2021-22 and slapped down impressive averages of 22-6-4-3 along the way.

While he’s suited up for a few Sixers Summer League contests over the past week, I figured further understanding his game and what he may bring to the roster was worthwhile. So, I solicited the insight of Dakota Schmidt, who has superbly covered the G League and its prospects for a number of years. Make sure to follow Dakota on Twitter and subscribe to his Substack, “The Call Up” if you’re financially able.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Queen’s game?

During his G League MVP season with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Queen shined as an elite offensive force that maintains great control no matter if he’s in transition or half-court offenses. In either of those, Queen is a threat to use his 6-foot-6 frame to deliver feeds to cutters and shooters, utilize screens to drive, or dive to the rim as a lob threat. The biggest thing that has held back the New Mexico State alum has been inconsistency as a perimeter shooter. He’s the kind of player that can get hot one game and then struggle in the next, but keep on shooting.

How do you see his role and game evolving from the G League to the NBA?

While he was the main offensive threat for the RGV Vipers, I definitely wouldn’t expect that to be the case when he makes the transition to Philadelphia. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s utilized as a secondary creator within the 76ers system, due to his really solid passing, skills as a cutter and someone that can attack closeouts.

What impressed you most about Queen last season?

The giant leap that he took from his first season to the 2021-22 campaign. In that first season, which took place in the G League Bubble, he averaged 10 points per game on 56 percent true shooting and a 21.4 percent usage rate. Despite his usage percentage growing to 27.2, his scoring volume (24.1 points per game) and efficiency (62 percent true shooting) both made significant improvements. The fact he was able to maintain that elite nature during the regular season and then lead the Vipers to a G League title was super impressive.

Where do you think has the most room to grow moving forward? How much of that is attainable?

If he becomes an efficient perimeter threat (32.5 percent from three on 255 attempts in 34 career regular-season G League games), Queen has a real future ahead of him. I really do feel like that’s obtainable, as he’s been a reliable free throw shooter since his time at New Mexico State.

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