Is Doc Rivers Joe Girardi?

As I read this article on, with these quotes from Bryce Harper

Harper on Stott’s walkoff home run: "I’m so happy for the kid, man. What an at-bat. What a situation for him. Being able to put our trust in our young guys the last couple days, and really let them just play … it’s been great. And it paid off today."

Harper on the importance of playing younger guys: "The thing about Bryson is he’s got to play. He’s used to playing every day. From high school, to college, to minor league baseball, to now. He’s used to playing every day, and that’s what we’ve got to do for our young guys ...

"Our young guys have got to play. When you want your young guys to have success, they have to play everyday. And when they have those opportunities, I think they’re going to take full advantage of that. If that’s Bryson, if that’s (Nick) Maton, if that’s (Alec) Bohm-er or anybody else ...

"We need our young guys to come in each day being ready to play and knowing that we have the faith in them to go out there and do their job and have fun doing it."

It was hard not to make the comparison between Rivers and Girardi. Other than Maxey, who anyone would have played, Doc really did, and does, a lousy job developing young players. I'd like to know the truth of who was behind the DAJ signing, egregious whether it was Morey or Doc. Doc did play him though, which is all on Doc.

Is there hope that Doc will develop Bassey, Reed, Springer, and maybe pick #23?

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