Sixers ideal offseason plan

Harden opts out and signs a 5 year 220mil deal with the starting year being 38mil which gets us 7mil below the tax line.

Next we are letting Danny Green walk to free up another 10mil, putting us 17mil below the tax line and enough money to have the full MLE.

Next we are trading Thybulle, Joe, Korkmaz, and 23. Thybulle, Joe, and 23 are going to the Blazers for Hart, 36, and a protected future 2nd. Korkmaz and a future 2nd are going to the Rockets for nothing in return. Blazers get a cheaper defensive wing that they will have control of for the future, they move up in the draft, and get a young 3pt shooter. Sixers get a more well rounded wing that can also rebound well and keep a pick in this draft, just moving back with it. Korkmaz we needed to move for salary purposes and the Rockets are rebuilding so they will take a youngish wing thats cheap plus a future Sixers 2nd which they are banking on us being bad so it will be a higher pick.

We now have 17mil below the tax line and 5 open roster spots going into the draft.

At the draft we use 36 plus the future 2nd the Blazers gave us to move up a few spots whether its Orlando or Toronto or Thunder etc. so we can draft Wendell Moore who will be our bench wing.

Next we move into FA and with our full MLE and our wing situation looking better, we can go after Delon Wright with the MLE. A good back up PG with size and defense to compliment Maxey and Harden. With 3 more roster spots open, we can go and sign Rodney Hood (a bench guy that can get buckets and shoot) to a vet min, a vet center like Ed Davis who will be a just in case as we give Bassey and Reed the first cracks, and the last guy can be another wing or we can leave the roster spot open for a signing in season or a trade or something.

This would leave our team looking as such

Harden, Maxey, Hart, Harris, Embiid with

Wright, Shake, Moore, Niang, Reed off the bench and

Springer, Hood, Bassey, Davis as the deep bench.

I would assume Reed and Bassey will be competing for that back up C spot.

I like the look of this team as the starting unit has all 5 guys that can shoot, Harden, Hart, Harris, Embiid are good rebounders for their positions, and Hart, Harris, and Embiid are good defenders for their positions. The bench has a legit PG running the offense, Shake moves to a more natural off ball position to focus more on scoring, Moore is a 3 and D guy that can be a secondary ball handler, Niang stays his shooting self. Reed and Bassey we can alternate between big and small opposing line ups. We can throw Hood in there if we need shooting/scoring for certain games.

What do y'all think?

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