Arizona's Dalen Terry ticks multiple boxes for the Sixers

With the 23rd pick in the 2022 NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select....

Dalen Terry from the University of Arizona

Dalen Terry - Arizona, 6'7.25" in shoes, 7'0.75" wingspan, 19 years old, will turn 20 in July

8.0 ppg, 4.8 reb, 3.9 ast, 1.4 to, 1.2 stl

Terry was a low-usage contributor for the underperforming Arizona Wildcats in 21-22. Despite his low usage, he showcased several skills as a sophomore that make him an underrated prospect in the 2022 draft. He looks wild and unrefined in the half court, but nonetheless sported an impressive 3.9 to 1.4 assist-to-turnover ratio this season (2.8 to 1). His court vision appears to be in the upper echelon in this draft as he makes very creative and impressive passes on a regular basis, even while playing a low volume role for a championship contender. In similar fashion, he has done little to show that he has an outside shot, but his 36.4% on 3pt and 73.6% on FT both indicate there may be something there.

While Terry may have small samples on offense, he has demonstrated additional skills and metrics that add to his overall package as an NBA prospect. He has elite length with his 7-foot plus wingspan. He is an exceptional rebounder at the guard position, showing willingness to go up in traffic, with the length to compete among the trees. He plays with a ton of energy as he looks to throw down highlight dunks in transition and from the back door. And he was named to the Pac-12 all defensive team because of his ability to defend 1-4 at a high level, using his elite length to disrupt on all areas of the court.

His game against UCLA shows a great view of both his highlights and lowlights so we can analyze both his strengths and weaknesses:

The two most obvious things Terry needs to do is bulk up and get a consistent outside shot. While his willingness to compete allows him to play above his weight, he'll need to add some pounds to his frame in order to handle the muscle of the pros. He has a long way to go, but it appears he has started to add that necessary weight already, as we can see from his pro day footage. And we also see the early makings of a consistent jump shot:

And lastly... This draft is extremely light on players with two first names. But there's a great chance for the Sixers to select one in Terry, a player who is strong in areas where the Sixers are weak - athleticism, passing, perimeter defense and rebounding. If the Sixers get to pick 23 and have a chance to draft this well-fitting player with two first names, they should take it.

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