Some (NON-SIXERS) Draft Night Trades

I found myself very bored at work today, and hopped over to to run a mock NBA draft. The website gives you the option of making some trades as you go through the process, so I naturally made a few moves to shake things up. I meant to put a picture here, but wasn't able to upload. Anyways, here's the link to how it turned out:

I wanted to highlight 3 trades that came about as I went through the process.

1. Kings-Pistons-Spurs swap top 10 picks

Kings receive Doug McDermott from SAS, 2022 #5 from DET

Pistons receive 2022 #9 and 2023 1st from SAS, 2022 #49 from SAC

Spurs receive 2022 #4 from Kings

This trade started with the Spurs wanting a real shot at a star in Jaden Ivey. Ever since their dynasty ended, the Spurs have been just good enough to avoid being in the top tier of draft picks every year, something unlikely to change with promising young players like Keldon Johnson and Dejounte Murray on the roster this year. So they call up the Kings, who they know want to compete now, and offer them McDermott, 9, and next year's 1st for 4, where they take Ivey. The second phase of the trade comes when the Kings turn around and offer 9, next year's first, and a late second for a chance to take another ready-made contributor on the wing in Keegan Murray. The Pistons do this since they already have their cornerstone, and no matter who they pick this year it will be a supporting player next to Cade. The extra pick also gives them more chances at Wembanyama next draft. It's a win/win/win, as the Kings get a proven starter and a replacement for when Harrison Barnes walks next year, the Spurs take a shot at a running mate for Murray, and the Pistons collect more ammo.

2. Thunder push the rebuild back another year

Thunder receive 2023 1st from IND

Pacers receive 2022 #12 & 2022 #34 from OKC

Thunder have been rumored to want out of the #12 slot, and they move accordingly here, swapping two of this year's picks for a pick in next year's draft. The Pacers see the chance to grab a perfect, gritty, Indiana-style player in Jeremy Sochan, who can slot into a forward spot and become part of the growing core.

I will say, this seems like very little for OKC to give up for a shot at one of the best prospects ever, so maybe they need to add more.

3. Spurs move up for Dieng, Hawks get another guard

Hawks receive Malcom Brogdon from IND, 2022 #38 from SAS

Spurs receive 2022 #16 from ATL

Pacers receive 2022 #20 from SAS, Danilo Gallinari, Jalen Johnson from ATL

I have the Spurs moving again, this time to take a free falling big man from New Zealand that has been mocked to them a number of times. They cash in a second and move up four slots to take Ousmane Dieng, who they can keep overseas or bring over into Popp's development system. The Hawks finally get a running mate for Trae, cashing in #20, Gallo, and Jalen Johnson for Brogdon, who can provide some solid defense and playmaking at the 2 guard. Losing Johnson hurts but if they're competing they won't be able to play him anyway. Pacers get a young prospect and the #20 pick, which they use to take Malaki Branham from Ohio State.

Let me know who says no to each trade, or if you think any of them are fair. Want to be the best fake GM I can

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