Pro Day Workouts for potential Sixers picks

The most interesting player on here, relative to their college videos, is Jeremy Sochan. He seems to have transformed his body already. He looks more athletic and his skills look under control and refined. His outside shot may be much better than his college stats suggest.

Kendall Brown is nearly as intriguing. His athleticism was already apparent but he's been working on his jump shot. It will probably take him some time to be a reliable knock down shooter, but he's worth looking at. He has an outside of having a Herb Jones-like impact right away.

I still have my eyes on Dalen Terry and Wendell Moore. Both feel like high risk, high reward players, but that's what non-lottery picks are for. If their perimeter defensive skills translate to the pros, they'll carve out roles early. Moore's shot really looks like the real deal these days. He just needs to prove he can take that next step to the NBA level.

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