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2022 NBA Finals Game 4 - Open Thread

Can the Warriors even the series or are the Celtics destined to torture us with a title?

2022 NBA Finals Practice and Media Availability Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images

The darkest timeline approaches. The Boston Celtics are two wins away from an NBA title — one that would give them 18 total as a franchise to move past the Lakers’ 17 for the top spot. If you thought Boston fans were insufferable now, just wait until they can once again crow about top billing historically.

Overcoming their usual third quarter hijinks, the Celtics pulled away in the fourth quarter of Wednesday night’s Game 3, holding Golden State to 11 points in the frame on their way to the 116-100 victory. Boston just looks more athletic, tougher on the glass, more versatile defensively, and better across the board with the exception of scorched earth shooting sequences from Steph Curry. And bad news for the Warriors, Curry tweaked his ankle in the Game 3 loss. While Curry has said he will be playing in tonight’s Game 4, it’s reasonable to anticipate he might not be at 100 percent. An 85 percent Steph might not be enough when the Warriors seemingly need his A++ game in this series.

The odds-on favorite to win Finals MVP, Jayson Tatum would tie for the fifth-youngest player to win the award at 24 years of age. Ahead of him would be Magic Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Good list! Does my wife ask, “How could the Sixers not have drafted Tatum?” every time we watch a Boston game? Yes. When I answer, “I don’t know, Fultz looked really good at Washington,” does a small part of me die every time? Also yes. With a young core of Tatum (24), Jaylen Brown (25), Robert Williams III (24), Marcus Smart (28), Grant Williams (23), Derrick White (27), and Payton Pritchard (24), Boston looks well-positioned for years to come. I’m going to stop now before the bottled-up resentment renders my typing illegible.

Come on, Golden State, make this a series. Draymond Green, show there’s still some life in the legs of the New Media. Splash Brothers, take one more dip in the pool. And hey, NBA, could you throw us on the East Coast a bone in the future and at least schedule these games at 8:30? Until then, follow along in the comments for this Game 4 action.

Game Info

Who: Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors
When: 9:00 pm ET
Where: TD Garden, Boston, MA
Watch: ABC
Follow: @Liberty_Ballers

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