Yes we can make trades. These are guys you get either by creating cap space by trading Tobias away, or just get some bench help. I'm not a capologist but these are names of mostly unrestricted free agents that I think would be nice fits.

Free Agents to Target:

GUARDS: Guards are a need. I'm gonna put a general guard spot and then I think we can use a backup FLOOR GENERAL that can set the tempo with Embiid when Harden sits...on the bench also. Shake a UFA? Bye-bye. Please upgrade. Maxey and Harden are fine. I'd consider trading Maxey for an all star wing that is a fit (like Durant and I always liked Brandon Ingram). But we need a third and fourth guy off the bench that will contribute. Looks like Isaiah Joe, a guy I thoguht had a lot of promise, doesn't have a role on the team. Here are some options....NOTE: You clear up the Tobias Cap Space (trade to OKC for Dort?) that gives you 36 million to work with leaving possibilities open:


Zach Lavine - Free up space by trading Tobi away. Lavine is the offensive scorer needed off the bench averaging 20 a game easy. He's not a high IQ guy. He's not a system player. But he can score. And in the playoffs he did kind of disappear, he was basically a cheerleader late in games...althoguh he didn't have much of a role because Derozan, Ball, and Caruso TO ME...are better NBA guards to build around...We don't have a bench. We need 8 dependable guys for the playoffs...Lavine can play with us any day. Lavine can be our tertiary scorer, just give him the ball like we do with Maxey and watch him go. Maxey and Lavine aren't high IQ guys...but man their athleticism together woudl be scary.

Bradley Beal - great young scorer but doesn't play a lick of defense which concerns me given we already have Harden. If we can trade Tobias away for cap space I'd grab this guy. His offense is too potent. With Beal, we need to make sure our 3/4 are versatile defenders. There are many FAs out there I'd be intrigued with our 3-guard rotation of Harden-Maxey-Beal/Lavine and then just have a bunch of switchable guys at the 3/4.

Jalen Brunson - he'll get paid big bucks. I don't know if I'd pay him at the cost of losing Tobias (you should be able to do more with that money) He'd a perfect backup PG off the bench because he's high IQ and plays hard. Just listing him as the type of guy I want.

Colin Sexton - RFA - tough guard. would be an ideal guy off the bench that you just give the ball I think he'll be a player in the playoffs with a defined bench role. Makes our team deeper. But not sure how much he'll get paid.

Bryn Forbes - a sharpshooter off the bench. More dependable than Shake and Furk. Not sure how much he'll make but I would take him on our bench.

Patty Mills - dependable 3 point shooter. Another tough Australian. Maxey type. Maybe not worth $10 mil if you can spend it elsewhere...but maybe he is. In the NBA, you need good depth.

Corey Joseph - awlays liked this guy as a solid backup NBA guard.

Delon Wright - always liked this guy. He's jsut a solid guy and I'd take him over Shake just cuz our bench sucks so why not switch it up?

Frank Jackson - I like him as a gritty guard looking to prove he belongs. Solid regular season contributor and may play up for you in the playoffs if he's needed. Obviously other optiosn first.

Austin Rivers - just a work hard guy off the bench that will do anything you ask. I don't mind.



Rondo/Rubio - we need a quality backup PG. We need high IQ guys. I love Rondo always have. We needed Rondo more with the Process Sixers to be a player/coach. I think he woudl've helped Simmons/Embiid tremendously as well as Furk and Shake and build their confidence. But it never happened. You need a backup ball handler. Unless you get one of the guys above it makes this less necessary because they are combo guards, having a cheap guy like Rondo be your backup floor general is absolutely fine by me, but you'll need more from bench 3/4s if you don't get more versatile championship level experienced gaurds above. I'd prefer Patty Mills to Rondo...but I'd take Rondo on my bench as a player/coach any day.

Tomas Satoransky - another dependable body and backup guard. System guy. Can he perform in the playoffs? If he's cheap, he has good size...why not?


WINGS - Danny Green injured...he's fine as a backup but his best days are gone. Totally upgradeable. Thybulle has to be made available because he's not a playoff guy he needs to go somehwere and develop. Thybulle is no Mikal Bridges a guy I think we could have won with. These are guys that are switchable and acquirable. I don't think with Harden and Embiid you have the luxury of signing a high priced wing....the only one is Miles Bridges and he'll be overpaid. This is a spot you have to be smart about. Let's get some decent size here. We need two guys really.

TJ Warren - if this guy is healthy the Sixers DEFINITELY need his scoring off the bench. They don't have any wings as it he's worth a shot. He can start or be a backup. I'd definitely pay him. I'd trade Tobi for cap space and sign him and one of the forwards below (say Bobby Portis) and I'd be happy with Warren and Portis over Tobias Harris...then sign antoher guard too and we are deep. If I could turn Warren, Portis, and Mills into Tobias Harris contract...I'd be a happy man. (Harden - Maxey - Warren - Portis - Embiid, with Mills, Niang, Green, and say Drummond/Reed/Bassey off my bench i'm not mad).

Kyle Anderson - More of a 3/4 hybrid. This guy is underrated. He's a true system player. Swiss army knife sort of guy that makes our bench deeper and we are weak at wing. Very high IQ guy. Just a good player. We need to surround Embiid with hard working high IQ guys. His shot is a little suspect, but he just makes us deeper. I can see Anderson starting, or being a high IQ George Niang type 3.

Joe Ingles - at the end of his career but another high IQ guy. On a low contract he provides high IQ and knockdown shooting. Hoopers gonna hoop. Might be wishful thinking he's healthy I think he's done. But would not be bad off the bench.

FORWARDS - This is assuming maybe Tobi is gone to clear up space for a guard above. Or maybe Tobi stays and you need a good switchable backup 4 that can rebound. Niang can play the 3 if you need and minutes will get tight come playoffs...but these guys can contribute.

Bobby Portis - Love Portis. Tough. If Tobi gone he can start as a hustle/tough guy. If Tobi stays he's a very good bench player.

JaMychal/Jeff Green - I might prefer the latter. Jeff Green is a backup PF that gives you toughness and gets sneaky buckets. But one or the other would help give us more size and strength off the bench that Niang and Tobi do not give you. Either guy can play with George Niang as well. Nice savvy vets. I'd sign these guys if Traded Tobi away and Portis isn't available because they can either start next to Embiid or be solid bench contributors.

Markieff Morris (MIA) - coming off injury but the guy can play when healthy...always hits big shots and I want to see Morris mentality in Philly I think its a fit. He's noather guy if Tobi is gone, an acceptable starter or bench guy with Niang. If Tobi gone and we sign him, our center needs to be able to get rebounds.

Thaddeus Young - Bring him home. The man balls hard and is gritty and has always been underrated.


BACKUP CENTER - assuming Reed/Bassey aren't championship caliber guys and we need more NBA bodies.

Andre Drummond - we need the rebounding off the bench I'd bring him back as our backup center. Good NBA body, rebounding.

Cody Zeller - just because this is a more realistic target. Another body, higher IQ, can get you boards.

Kevon Looney - good backup center to grab boards. Doubt he leaves GSW to be our backup the way he's been playing in the playoffs. But I like him as a backup do it all FA 5.

Mitchell Robinson - doubt he signs with us as a backup center. But he has good size, can catch lobs from Harden and block shots...

Ivica Zubac - not sure what he'll make. unlikely he signs as a backup. But servicable backup big if available but I doubt it.
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