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Joel Embiid will return in Game 3 against Heat

Masked Embiid is back.

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Sixers had to fight through two games without Joel Embiid to start the second-round against the Heat, but the MVP candidate is making his return.

The Sixers have confirmed that Embiid is officially back for Game 3 as the series returns to Philadelphia, with Miami holding a 2-0 lead. Embiid cleared concussion protocols earlier today, and went through various pre-game warmups before a final decision was made as to whether he’d play.

His mask is slightly different than the one he wore during the 2018 playoffs when he’d suffered an orbital bone fracture. Embiid doesn’t have goggles this time, which he hated wearing before due to the extra discomfort and how they bothered his vision somewhat.

Doc Rivers said pre game that there isn’t a strict cap on Embiid’s minutes, but they’ll monitor him closely due to his lack of training and conditioning while he was waiting to clear concussion protocols.

As if Embiid needed to do any more to prove his competitiveness and desire to do anything to help the Sixers win, he’s now powering through after suffering a fracture in his face and a torn ligament in his right thumb that’ll require surgery after the season. What an effort to even get back on the court this quickly.

Embiid has had a remarkable season, and he couldn’t be doing any more to continue leading his team right now.

Now it’s time to see if he can lead them to a win.

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