Why Sixers Fans Should Be Happy

It’s simple: Maxey. Do you realize what we have in Maxey? Here’s a statistic I love about Maxey. In twelve playoff games from this 2022 playoff season, do you know how many minutes Maxey averaged? 40.4 minutes a game! Your twenty-one year old guard was not supposed to take that type of load during this season or in the playoffs! But he also averaged 20.8 points per game including 37.7 three point shooting in those forty plus minutes against the Raptors and Heat (on 5.7 attempts per game)

And specially, he personally secured THREE playoff game victories. Game One Toronto (38 pts), game six Toronto (four made threes in the fourth quarter for the knockout punch), and game three Miami (5-6 from three, knockout fourth quarter punch landed again!). Maxey had three playoff games (all wins) with at least five made three pointers. What are we talking about here!? A twenty-one year old guard who can do that already? We are talking about Tony Parker here or better. We are talking about Dame Lillard here. You have to project improvement for Maxey in all phases of his game. How can you not?

All we Morey has to do is figure out how to put a winning group around Joel and Tyrese because we have the two elite players you need to win a title on our roster.

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