Quick and painful: the New Orleans Wildcats scenario

Maxey will probably be an All- Star next season, and if not, the 23-24 campaign. But I feel that it may be better to upgrade at forward long-term and chill at the guard spot next to Harden.

This Maxey trade would make most sense alongside a trade of Zion to the Knicks which would have the Pelicans plenty of Kentucky talent but also get multiple firsts from New York. You can look for my post including that trade at thebirdwrites.

Dallas gets Harris and Thybulle.

New Orleans gets Maxey, Green, Hardaway, Bertans.

Philly gets Graham, Ingram, Herb Jones

Graham can be traded later for a better defensive 1. Don't think Philly would have the assets to get a Smart at that point but maybe a Beverley.

There would be a beautiful platoon at the 4 with Jones, Niang, and others, and you have the upgrade from Harris at the 3 proper.

Beverley/Harden/Ingram/Jones/Embiid ??

If you don't know about Herb Jones...get to knowin.

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