Some Questions Heading into the offseason.

I haven't seen these topics covered but wanted to see if people had any thoughts/answers.

1) If Lakers really wanted Doc, is his contract such that we could trade him (ala the Celtics to the Clippers)? This question is about whether it's possible, not likely. Given the Laker's/Lebron's penchant for willing to make moves for their guy(s) I think it's within the realm of possibility

2) What is the trade value for TH such that he could bring back assets, require assets, or be neutral (ie future protected second round pick). I would guess he is a slight to modest net negative but would love to hear from others

3) Related to the above, how much extra $ would the Sixers have if we traded TH? I'm thinking of a situation where the incoming salary would be for expiriing(s). If that eventually went off the books would they have the full 38 million to play with eventually?

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