Say no to the clown ▒(סּںסּَ` )▒ show!

As a long time 76ers fan, I feel like this organization has had Bozo after Bozo after Bozo, (at the top), running the show for too long; and now, after this embarrassing loss to the HEAT, it's time for the true fans to say (a collective) NO!

First there was Big Collar Bryan:

Bryan Colangelo

A General Manager who set up a burner account where he was talking negatively about his own players.

Then there was Brett Brown who, (as interim GM), thought trading for, (in his own pronunciation): Zah'eeee'r Smith and a pick was better than just keeping Villanova stand -out Mikal Bridges. How did that "clown show" move work out?

Zaheer Smith is no longer in the NBA. Mikal Bridges lost in NBA finals last year, and is one game away from a another possible Western Conference Finals appearance this season.

On top of that, they elected to keep Mr. Brooklyn "BS" over Jimmy Buckets, and sign Tobias Harris to a max contract. I like Tobias, but I could have told them that Harris wasn't worth a max contract.

Now we have Daryl Morey, who seemingly turned down several very viable offers for Ben Simmons just to try to get his Houston buddy, Mr. "ISO-SLOW" James Harden, another big pay-bag from the SIXERS' ownership group. Imagine how good CJ McCollum, Larry Nance Jr. and Tony Snell, or Andrew Wiggins and Johnathan Kumunga would have looked playing for the SIXERS against the MIAMI HEAT (along with Andre Drummond and Seth Curry *if he didn't get injured)?

If Morey signs Harden to a 5 or 6 year Max deal in the off season, JoJo will probably want out of Philadelphia, and the SIXERS (as an organization) will be ruined for the foreseeable future!

Now is the time for the true 76ers fans to stand up and make our collective voices heard! We must tell ownership to say: "NO to the Clown Show," and get some people at the top who will turn this franchise into a perennial NBA Championship contender, instead of the soft, smacked-ass butt (of a joke) that it is right now!


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