76th Street - Ep. 1 - Heat v. Sixers

Good Morning City of Philadelphia (and fans)

Welcome to the first episode of 76th Street!

Article 1

Tyrese Maxey + James Harden...

Let's be honest here. Tyrese Maxey and James Harden are one of the most explosive and capable duos in the NBA. Tyrese Maxey has showed us that he is fully capable of leading a team to victory in times of need, and James Harden is a proficient shooter (when he wants to be) and a great passer and playmaker. They're fully capable of bringing victory, but the team relies extremely heavily on the performances of Joel Embiid. I can't blame the team, though, because Embiid is an explosive and amazing center, with the capabilities of guarding everyone, and finishing at every location on the court. Embiid has established himself as the most dominant scoring big man in the NBA, leading the Association in scoring for the first time since Shaq. Thus, we can determine that Embiid is the leading factor; and force, of this team. Without Embiid, the Sixers were 6-8 on the season, and with the big man, the team was 6-8 on the season, disclosing the 2 losses taken to the heat, which would make that record 6-10. Meanwhile, with the big man, the team was 45-23. Though, the Sixers have managed to take down the Heat in march without Embiid OR Harden, which is evidence enough that Tyrese Maxey alone is superstar potential.

Article 2

Series Prediction...

The series against the heat, at the moment, is tied up 2-2. The heat stole the first 2 games at home without Embiid, and took a menacing 2-0 lead over Philly. However, when they came back to Philly, Embiid laced em' up and walked back on the floor, helping the Sixers secure back to back dubs, tying us up at 2-2, meaning that the rest of the series is a best of 3, going back to Miami later tonight.

My prediction is that, the Sixers are fully capable of winning this series. We've seen them beat the Heat without Embiid, or before Harden was a member of the team. We've seen Tyrese Maxey singlehandedly manage to bring the team to victory. We know the Sixers can win this series, even against a Jimmy Buckets averaging 27.5ppg through the series. So, I think that the Sixers NEED to steal a game away. If they don't win this game, they'll be on the verge of elimination, and will come back home on a tightrope. The Sixers MUST win tonight, or win a game 7 away in Miami, again. On the other side of the eastern conference playoff bracket, the Celtics and Bucks are also tied 2 a piece. Additionally, the Sixers and Heat are 2 defensive menaces, some of the most limiting defenses through the playoffs, both teams allowing a little over 103ppg.

Final Series Prediction

Sixers in 6.

Article 3

Offseason Moves & Dreams...

The Sixers might be entering the offseason soon, and even if they make it all the way, the offseason is due to happen, and the Sixers will be forced to make some moves. What moves are appropriate for the Sixers?

Let's get started.

  • Bradley Beal (G-WAS) - The Sixers could have their eyes on Guard from the Washington Wizards, Bradley Beal. One of the shortest, yet, best scorers in the league, a big 3 of Embiid, Harden, and Beal would be the biggest big three since... Harden, Durant, and Kyrie. The only big fear here is that the trio won't work, and that the trade pieces (if a sign and trade were required), wouldn't work out well for the Sixers. For example, the sixers might have to give up Tyrese Maxey, or Matisse Thybulle to get the move through, and the Sixers are quite low on picks after the trade with Brooklyn for Harden. However, in the situation that the Sixers do land Beal, they'd be paying a metric crap ton for the All-Star Guard, but the real question would be if the trio would work or not. If the trio doesn't work, the 76ers would be in deep, deep trouble. Additionally, the Sixers would be losing important bench players, decreasing the depth of the Sixer bench even more.
  • Eric Gordon (SG/SF - HOU) - Although already 33, Gordon has had one of his most proficient shooting seasons in his career, in a larger role in Houston, after beginning their rebuilding process. The Sixers should see Gordon as a menacing and great target for shooting, as the short guard is still one of the better shooters in the entirety of the Association, avering a career best 47.5% Field Goal Percentage, and 41.2% Three Point Field Goal percentage. Although only a 77% free throw shooter, his stats and ability to take a 6/7th man role would greatly support the Sixers bench, which currently lacks depth.

Thanks for reading through the post, and Let's Go Sixers!

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