Desperate Doc, desperate times

No, Doc. You sound so lame defending your legacy. If you are the coach you think you are, the record should speak for itself. Why get down into the muck and give your resume to reporters? Is the day after getting your clock cleaned at home in a crucial game the right time to talk about your success from 20 years ago? Anyone giving their own resume always sounds terrible-- but it is not a bad idea to get that resume tuned up because I think Doc will be looking for a new job this offseason. In fact, if the Sixers blow this 3-0 lead, one of the bright spots is that it should lead to Doc moving on as a coach and I think that would be a step in the right direction for the Sixers. I really want the Sixers to beat the Raptors, but I am tired of Doc's world-weary "I know more than you" ethos as he continues to get out coached and fails to adjust to opponents.

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