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Podcast: Tobias Harris, Doc Rivers have stepped up against Raptors

Dave Early joins Sean to discuss how the Sixers have taken a 3-0 stranglehold over the Raptors.

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Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Dave Early rejoins the Talking About Podcast, as he and Sean discuss the iconic moment of Joel Embiid’s game-winning three-pointer in overtime of Game 3.

Not only has Embiid looked like the best player on the planet in this postseason, but getting to watch him erase the haunted memories of the Kawhi shot on the same basket three years ago was a cathartic moment for this fan base.

They also discuss Tobias Harris’ superb transition to a supporting role, including his outstanding defense this series, James Harden’s world-class playmaking, and Tyrese Maxey’s star turn on the big stage. Sean even eats some humble pie as they detail the terrific coaching job Doc Rivers has done thus far this postseason.

The Sixers will go for the sweep with Game 4 set for Saturday in Toronto.

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