Toronto v Philadelphia: What you should know

The Philadelphia 76ers are preparing to embark on what will be the biggest game of their NBA season so far. They are scheduled to play the Toronto Raptors in a series of matches that will attract global attention, with fans of professional basketball in the United States joined by followers in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and further afield. Philadelphia v Toronto has the potential to provide us with a memorable rivalry that could go all the way down to the wire, and this looks to be a genuine 50/50 involving two ambitious teams.

If you are planning to watch the matches and soak up the atmosphere of this special time of the season, you’ll be delighted you have found this article. Our team of basketball fans and sportswriters provide all the information you need on the 76ers and Raptors contest. Think of this page as the one-stop for what you should know about the game, including the fixture details, where and when to watch, predictions, venues and more. If it’s relevant to the Philadelphia and Toronto match, it’ll be covered on this page.

The aim of our team was to give readers in-depth knowledge. We want to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the show. We also wanted to arm you with the info needed to make a well-informed, reliable and sound prediction of the winner of the face-off. Which team will come out on top, Philadelphia and Toronto and will either of the teams go all the way to NBA glory this season? Let’s not waste another second and dive into the preview.

Fourth seed plays fifth

Four plays three in this playoff match, with the Philadephia 76ers entering the fray as the fourth seed and Toronto Raptors coming in as the fifth-ranked team. The ranking system favours the 76ers, and if this match plays out as it is expected to, then we will see Philadelphia reign supreme. Any experienced follower of the NBA and professional basketball knows this sport rarely follows a script. A season is packed with surprises, shock results, upsets and David vs Goliath moments. Will this game give us another shock? It’s certainly possible, but followers of the 76ers hope things go to plan.

The Raptors already hold the bragging rights over the 76ers, winning the season series by three games to one, but each match was fiercely competitive and could have gone either way. The winning team in each game got the victory by single digits meaning little can be taken from the head to head stats so far. The results from the season series are in the books and can’t be changed. Raptors will take as much confidence from those results as they can but will know deep down that this is a clean slate. That feeling will be shared by those in the 76ers locker room as they aim to win when it matters most.

Game one of the playoff series between Philadelphia and Toronto will be played on Saturday, and armchair fans can follow live on ESPN and many respected live streaming apps. The teams go again for match two on Monday then the games come thick and fast. The end of the series is scheduled for Saturday 30th April, with the seventh match of the series only being played if the odd game is required to crown a winner. If the tie is locked at 3-3, we’ll play the final playoff, while any other score means the seventh match won’t be needed.

The start times of these matches vary, and it’s worth checking the schedule before the next match to ensure you have the latest information at home. Game one of the season begins at 3.00 pm with the second match at 4.30 pm and the third game at 5.00 pm - all times quoted are MST. You can watch the games from the comfort of your own home on television, at the stadium - if you are lucky enough to bag a ticket - at a sports bar or when on the move using an Android or iOS smartphone.

How will the series go? Traders at the leading sportsbooks predict a win for the 76ers, and they are hot favourites for victory.

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