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Report: Ben Simmons suffers setback, will not play in Philly March 10

The Return will have to wait a bit longer.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

Sorry, Sixers fans, it sounds like Ben Simmons will not be playing in Philadelphia as a visitor on Mar. 10 after all.

While, for some, this was the expectation all along, this possibility became much more real in recent weeks when Simmons’ return to the court for Brooklyn was pushed off indefinitely due to an ongoing back issue the All-Star has been dealing with to some degree for multiple seasons now. The Nets say that Simmons aggravated the issue in recent weeks as he’s attempted to ramp up his reconditioning efforts as he’s been working to get back on the court for the first time since Game 7 versus Atlanta in last season’s playoffs.

This news came from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

This will come as a major disappointment to many Sixers fans who had circled Mar. 10 as quite possibly their only opportunity this season to voice their true feelings on how Simmons handled himself for his final 8 months in Philadelphia.

Instead, the crowd will have to get juiced up to watch and root against Kevin Durant (who will reportedly return from injury on Thursday night versus Miami) Kyrie Irving (who is legally allowed to play outside of New York) and old friends Seth Curry and Andre Drummond.

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