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Red Bull launches Matisse Thybulle game, contest to meet the Sixers starter

You can enter for a chance to meet the Sixers’ defensive ace.

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Anyone that has walked past the ThyBULLe mural in Fishtown knows of the partnership between Red Bull and Philadelphia 76ers win Matisse Thybulle. Now, the Austrian company known most prominently for its energy drinks has launched a game featuring the 25-year-old defensive savant, where you need to try and get “Past Matisse” and score the basketball. You can access the game at the link below:

After playing the game, you can submit your entry (maximum: 1) for a chance to win Matisse Thybulle merchandise, and a virtual or in-person meet-and greet with Matisse for you and a guest. The contest is only available for those 18 years and older in the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The game is your basic touch-and-swipe format shooting the basketball at a playground. For the first level, you have to make eight shots out of fifteen (one rack of five from straight-away and both wings) with no distractions. Makes will be followed by a pop-up of Matisse saying sometime like, “Nice shot!” or “Yeah, buddy!”

The second level adds “distractions,” as various Matisse cardboard cutouts reminiscent of Paper Mario will move back and forth in front of you, capable of blocking your shot. You once again need to make at least eight of fifteen.

On the third level, you move from the chain-link fence playground to one surrounded by a concrete wall and featuring a glass backboard. It adds one corner rack to the equation, making it so you need to make ten out of twenty shots.

For the final round, you are transported to the official hardwood at the Red Bull arena. You have 45 seconds to score as many buckets as possible, before having the opportunity to submit your contest entry.

This won’t be winning game of the year honors, but it’s a harmless enough way to kill five minutes, and it’s fun to see Matisse getting his name and likeness out there. Let’s just hope his defense is stronger against Luka Doncic tomorrow night than it was against me making it rain from my mobile phone.

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