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James Harden to be introduced as Sixer at Tuesday press conference

Our first chance to hear from The Beard and Daryl Morey since the trade went down.

James Harden Houston Rockets press conference Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Following his arrival in Philadelphia over the weekend, newly-acquired Sixers star James Harden will be introduced as a member of the team for the first time at a Tuesday presser, according to the team:

This is music to Sixers fans’ ears, of course, who have been eager to get Harden into town and onto the court as soon as he’s able. His introductory press conference is among the only logistical remaining hurdle towards that happening, provided that he’s healthy.

As Sholler points out, Paul Millsap will also be in attendance, and you’ve gotta feel bad for Pablo already. He’s sure to get the Jason Richardson treatment at this thing. (For the uninitiated, Richardson was an add-on in the Andrew Bynum trade, and could barely get a word in edge-wise in the ill-fated ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ press conference at the Convention Center.)

Here are a few talking points I’m looking out for at tomorrow’s press conference:

  • What exactly would Harden say led to his exit from Brooklyn?
  • What does he see in Joel Embiid?
  • How hellbent will Daryl Morey admit to being in getting James in a Sixers uniform?
  • What does James think of Doc Rivers? Rumors allege that Harden tried to recruit Doc as head coach towards the end of his Houston tenure.
  • How committed does Harden feel to setting down roots in Philadelphia? Conflicting reports have leaked out about him picking up his player option for next season.
  • How is Harden’s hamstring? When can we expect him on the court?

Let’s go!

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