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Wendy’s roasted Ben Simmons on Twitter in an epic way

Need a Frosty for that burn?

If you’re from Philadelphia, a basketball fan and you’ve been on the interwebs today, you’ve probably seen some pretty incredible content on the internet.

Following the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade, fans took to virtually screaming, celebrating and most importantly, roasting the former Sixer.

First, there was an all-time tweet from the king of Twitter himself, Joel Embiid, whose simple RIPBOZO meme will live on as one of the greatest of all time. But the real shot came from a more unexpected source.

It turns out, even Wendy’s isn’t afraid to take a shot every once in a while. When the Wells Fargo Center, the home of the Sixers, tweeted out the date that the Nets and Ben Simmons will be returning to Philadelphia, the fast food chain was ready to get in on the action.

As you may know, the Sixers’ partnership with Wendy’s grants a free small Frosty to Sixers fans at their home games if an opponent misses a pair of free throws in the second half. The prizes increase as the opponents continue to miss free throws, which of course, becomes more rare. However, for the first initial missed pair, fans are allowed to pick up their free Frostys on the following day.

Wendy’s was quick to capitalize on the potential that Ben Simmons, who is not known for making (or taking) many shots with just one simple gif. Check out their response below.

The simple savagery of including the next day’s date and gif is what makes this tweet so incredible. We, and Wendy’s, can’t wait to see what happens on March 11.

After all that Philly fans have been through, we deserve a little treat, compliments of Ben Simmons himself.

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