Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey for Lebron James at trade deadline?

Is anyone else feeling like if this team doesn't figure it out this year, that Harden might leave after the season? Then where are we? Would a Harris and Maxey for Lebron at the trade deadline be enough for us to win this year? I think it might! I feel like Lebron still wants to win now. He knows he's one bad injury away from not ever playing at a high level. Would this trade this year make sense for both teams?

For the Lakers, this puts them into full rebuild in a quicker timeline, which is better, cause they can go into full tank mode. They get a potential young superstar to build around, a contract in Harris to be traded for some younger players/picks. At this point, would another team give them a better offer? Maybe?

For the Sixers, this is an all in kind of move. If we can bring home the championship and give Embiid at least one, Harden one, and Lebron his last of his career. The Process was all worth it!!! And maybe they do it again next year. They will be too old for sure after next year then we can start the process over again. LOL

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