Trade Deadline Ideas

There has been a lot of chatter about the Sixers needing a backup point guard or needing to improve their rebounding. I actually think another guard is no longer needed. Harden, Maxey, Milton and Melton are all on the Sixers now and they're all playing great - they're top 7 playoff-level players. Even though Harden is the only point guard, there wouldn't be any space for a 5th guard to be added into the mix, especially one whose skill level would be so much lower than what we have.

So... I think all the focus should be on finding rebounding help. I think a long wing is actually what is needed to fill out the roster. Thybulle may be an all-defensive player, but Glenn doesn't trust him so he may as well be flipped for someone who will actually get playing time.

Here are the players that I have in mind, in no particular order:

Saddiq Bey - 6'7", can score, though is struggling with efficiency, bad defender, $3m salary
PJ Washington - 6'7", can score, shoot and defend, not a great rebounder, $5.8m, FA - will likely get a nice contract next year, Sixers likely do not have the ammo to acquire him
Jalen McDaniels - 6'9", lankier than PJ, less skilled than PJ, but can shoot and defend, only $1.9m, FA
Patrick Williams - 6'7", only 21, tremendous shooter on low volume, under-utilized on the underperforming Bulls, $7.8m, the Bulls supposedly love him but he's barely used even though he starts
Mike Muscala - 6'10", not a wing, solid shooter on great volume, solid defender, would upgrade the backup center position, $3.5m
Jaden McDaniels - 6'9", very similar to Jalen but a better defender, $2.2m
Jarred Vanderbilt - 6'9", not much of a shooter but can get some efficient points, excellent rebounder, $4.4m
Josh Hart - 6'5", bigger version of Melton, excellent rebounder, $13m, likely too much money to match and similar to Washington in terms of being too good to get

The Sixers' tradeable players/assets:

Korkmaz - $5m
Thybulle - $4.4m
House - $4.1m
Niang - $3.5m
Harrell - $2.5m
Springer - $2.1m
Milton - $2m
Reed - $1.8m
2023 pick from Charlotte, 2nd round

I would be extremely surprised to see Harrell, Niang or House traded. I would be especially surprised to see Shake traded. I wish Thybulle still had a role on this team, but I think he's the most likely to be moved. So the likely trade pieces are Korkmaz, Thybulle, Springer, Reed, CHA pick.

The Sixers are also $1.2m over the luxury tax line, so the trades that make sense financially are those where Korkmaz or Thybulle are moved for one of the McDaniels. The Sixers could shed salary to get under the line and bring in a 6'9" guy to add some length to the roster. They could also pair Korkmaz with Thybulle to facilitate some more salary movement from any of those teams. Maybe they could get Vanderbilt and take a flier on Kessler for extra center depth.

Altogether I do believe the Sixers are in a great spot to improve the team on the margins going into the deadline. Even though I love Thybulle and wish he was given more playing time, the reality is that he's not getting playing time AND the team still has a top 5 defense. With the additions of Melton and Tucker, and the improved defense of Harris and Embiid, there's less of a need for Thybulle's talents. I don't like it, but I get it and concede it. I think there's a real opportunity to add some length and get one of these 6'7" to 6'9" guys. The playoff rotations could be in a really great place:

Harden, Maxey, Milton, Melton
Harris, Tucker, new guy
with Niang, House, Reed and Harrell all available for specific matchups

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