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A.I. opens up to Kevin Hart on his ill-fated rap album, David Stern and more

As always, A.I. was honest and spoke from the heart.

LOL Network/YouTube

Any time we get to hear from Allen Iverson it’s worth our time. The Sixers legend joined comedian and Philly native Kevin Hart on Hart’s YouTube show Cold as Balls.

For those unfamiliar, Hart does a short interview show with guests where they sit in ice tubs. Ben Simmons did an episode back in 2019 while still with the Sixers.

While Iverson was visibly and audibly (and understandably) uncomfortable with the ice tubs portion of the show, Bubba Chuck was open and honest as usual. He even revealed where the nickname Bubba Chuck name came from.

Iverson talked about how his style affected the younger generations, his disagreements with Larry Brown and the late David Stern, his relationship with Reebok, and his disappointment in not being involved with The Redeem team.

Hart talks about how Iverson became a cultural icon, spurning suits and ties for baggy clothes and jewelry. Iverson knows he paved the way for the next generation to express themselves how they saw fit:

“I just took the ass whooping for it — for the guys to be themselves, to look how they want to look. The only time I know about wearing suits was at church or going to a funeral. I never wore a suit to a basketball court.”

Clashing over the NBA’s dress code was the first time Iverson butted heads with the late commissioner — but it was not the last. Iverson put out an ill-fated rap album that drew heavy criticism for its lyrical content. Iverson has acknowledged many times how poor of an idea it was and his regret over making it.

He did have a great story about Stern confronting him about it:

“It wasn’t a great relationship when I did that terrible rap album. When I did that bullshit that’s when I had a problem with David Stern. And then I remember I went into the office and he was reading my lyrics. ... I was trying not to laugh because I knew how serious it was. And the shit I was saying ... obviously, you know. So, to hear David Stern rapping it, it was crazy.”

There aren’t many athletes that bonded with Philly sports fans better than A.I. Hart asked when Iverson felt like he was accepted by the city of Philadelphia.

Iverson recalled when he got into legal trouble back in 1997 (he was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana; he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to community service) that the fans had his back after the initial shockwaves of the news:

“I thought it was going to be terrible backlash — and it was for a couple days — but eventually it went away and that’s when I knew they supported me.”

You can watch the entire episode below:

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