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Podcast: Recapping Joel Embiid’s dominant performance, plus Doc Rivers talk

Adio and Dave also discuss their doubts that Doc Rivers is the right coach to lead the Sixers to a title.

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On a regularly scheduled Out of Site Podcast (not a late Monday night post-game podcast), hosts Adio Royster and David Early give their final thoughts on one of the most epic Philadelphia 76ers and/or Joel Embiid performances of all time.

Embiid scored 59 points and added 11 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks in a 105-98 win over the Utah Jazz on Sunday night. Despite the performance by Embiid and the Sixers being 7-7 after beating the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns last week, why are your hosts still a little bit nervous about the team’s prospects in the future?

Could it be because the Sixers are having to lean VERY heavily on Embiid in the absence of James Harden (who won’t be back until December)? Could it be because head coach Doc Rivers continues to sow doubts in this team’s championship aspirations for the regular season and (more importantly) the playoffs?

Adio and David give their thoughts on how the team has looked over the past week, as well as diving a bit into the worst-case scenarios if Rivers is still the coach come playoff time.

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