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Sixers hilariously troll the Cowboys during game

How about dem Boys?!

The Eagles-Cowboys rivalry simply knows no bounds. Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, because the pure hatred that will coarse through any Philadelphian’s veins when the Cowboys come to mind has made for some pretty incredible moments. This includes the incident at the Sixers game on Sunday night against the Jazz.

After the Cowboys officially lost in a classic Cowboys fashion to the Packers in overtime, the Sixers in-arena entertainment had the incredible idea to broadcast the Packers’ game-winning field goal on the Wells Fargo Center’s 6,600 square foot scoreboard.

The results were incredible. Check out the cheers from the crowd and the boos that biblically rained down on the Cowboys’ fan that the arena broadcasters showed on the screen after the play.

Unsure why the fan would choose Cowboys apparel for a game in this city, but it made for a pretty epic Philadelphia reaction.

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