SIXERS ⓞUTSIDERS(︶︿︶) will be missed!

In case you missed it, NBCSPhilly will not be airing the Sixers Outsiders show this season.

1: Sadly, will not renew #SixersOutsiders. Thank you NBCSP (specifically ) for the opportunity to cover the team I’ve loved since my youth. YOU all, Sixers fans, made the show. You kept us alive for 4yrs by tweeting, engaging & venting with us through...

Axing this show, in my opinion, was a bad decision. While I love watching the post game show with Amy Fadool, the Coach and Marc Jackson; having a show where fans, themselves, could vent their joy, and or frustrations, was key to the success, and on-going support of the Sixers' franchise. By eliminating this valuable outlet, NBC Sports Philly has effectively muffled some of the voices of their fan base!

Good or bad, positive or negative, if you're a progressive business, you need to have feed back from the customers who support you. While there are other outlets for this, the Sixers Outsiders show provided a unique forum for fan feedback. Because the show aired shortly after the games, fans got a chance to express their feeling in real time, and unfiltered! With the many interactive fan tweets, etc., this show allowed fans the ability to express their feelings uncensored and unexpurgated! Plus, with the 24second clock segment and the host's unique 6ers takes, the format was very interesting and engaging as well!

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I wish Tyrone and Krystal well. Maybe they can get together and do a post game pod cast or something? At least we (as fans) still have Devon Givens to listen to on 97.5 The Fanatic after each game; but, if you read the many reaction Tweets on Krystal Rich -Bell's Twitter account, the Sixers Outsider show will truly be missed!!

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