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Report: 76ers held brief talks regarding a potential extension for Matisse Thybulle

Could the Sixers look to commit further to defensive specialist Matisse Thybulle?

Charlotte Hornets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

According to a report by Chris B. Haynes, for Yahoo Sports, the 76ers have engaged in talks with Matisse Thybulle’s representation about a possible contract extension.

There doesn’t seem to be a ton of meat and potatoes to the report, as Haynes notes that the Sixers “recently held brief conversations on the possibility of a rookie-scale contract extension for elite defensive guard Matisse Thybulle, league sources told Yahoo Sports.” That doesn’t exactly scream “pending deal is imminent,” does it?

Haynes notes the conversations have been with Thybulle’s agent Aaron Goodwin. We’ve heard Thybulle’s name arise in rumor after rumor for possible trade packages. It sounds as if Daryl Morey shopped him along with Danny Green back around the time of the NBA Draft. With nothing materializing on the trade front just yet, the Sixers now have a decision to make. Try to lock him up on a reasonable deal, and hope he can crush his salary value or wait until next summer? If they do want to trade him, how might that impact their calculus’?

Has Thybulle done enough to warrant a longer-term deal, or is this worth revisiting next summer, pending any development with his jump shot? The deadline is 6PM EST this Monday, and if they don’t reach new terms, he’ll hit unrestricted free agency next summer.

We recently profiled Thybulle, noting this is a make or break year for him. He might be better off betting on himself, and waiting for next summer, if he’s confident he can improve his shooting from the career 32.4 percent mark from distance he’s hovered around over his three year career.

On the most recent “Talking About Podcast,” Sean Kennedy and I talked about how the team waiving Isaiah Joe and Charles Bassey sets them up for trades. And we both thought Thybulle might be a top candidate there. If he were to sign and extension that would keep him in town at least bit longer.

Our Paul Hudrick has reported that:

“A source tells Liberty Ballers that [waiving Joe and Bassey] are about prioritizing roster flexibility for potential trades down the line and keeping spots open. With the team adding so much depth this offseason, there just weren’t going to be opportunities for Joe and Bassey. So, moving on from them now will give the team more maneuverability at the trade deadline or if an opportunity presents itself sooner.”

So we’ll keep our eye on whether or not Matisse gets a new deal, or whether or not his name continues to pop up in trade rumors.

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