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Even Doc Rivers is caught up in the Eagles frenzy

Brotherly love is alive and well among the Philly coaches. 

Fall is here, the weather is crisp, Tyrese Maxey exists, the Phillies are in the playoffs and the Eagles are currently 5-0 this season. Few things feel sweeter for a Philadelphia fan and it turns out — Sixers head coach Doc Rivers is caught up in the Philly spirit.

While addressing the media ahead of the Sixers’ preseason finale against the Hornets on Wednesday night, Rivers mentioned that he has been texting with Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. It seems like the two have had a blossoming friendship in their relatively short tenures in Philly. That bodes well for Sixers fans, since Sirianni may know a thing about winning, based on their current record.

“It’s growing. It’s really good, “ Rivers said of his friendship with Sirianni. “He texted me last week, we text back and forth a couple of times and, you know, I like him. I like his spirit. And I love how they’re playing. They’re locked in.”

It’s pretty awesome to see friendships forged across the arena parking lots in South Philly and well wishes being exchanged. With the Sixers season beginning soon, getting that spirit and locked in mentality will be crucial if the Sixers want to mimic the success of the rest of the Philly teams. Well, almost all of them...we won’t ask fans of the orange and black about their spirits this year despite a season-opening win.

Rivers spoke a bit about how the coordination of Sirianni’s team and football in general fascinates him.

“I love football because you know, we’re trying to get five guys to do the right thing on one play,” Rivers said. “They’re trying to get 11 guys on one play to do the right thing.”

There’s certainly something to be said about learning from football’s ability to oftentimes seamlessly execute a play with that many bodies on the field and how that coordination could translate to a court of five guys. With Rivers studying football throughout his career, perhaps it’s something that will help the Sixers’ execution out this season.

We’ll wait to see if Sirianni imparted any additional winning wisdom to Rivers to set the Sixers up for success.

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