Would You do A Klay for Ben Trade? Or would this be the Next Andrew Bynum Saga?

It's been a year or so since I've written on this site. Guess this Ben Simmons crap has soured my old school process mind set. So, just wanted to start a fun poll. (I can't remember how to do a poll on here? LOL.)

Let's face it. The Warriors are just a well run organization and not only build their teams for the present, but somehow seem to build them for the future at the same time. Without one of their best players Klay, somehow they have managed to still be the second best team in the very competitive West, only a game behind the champion Suns. So, let's say, what if the Warriors think that Thompson might not ever come back to 100%, or even to 90% of his formal self from his two serious injuries. Them being a smart and well run group might decide it's time to recoup the most back for Thompson and get some serious return for him, in the form of a healthy 25 year multi All Star, Ben Simmons.

I know right away my reaction is heck yes, sign me up. But, in further retrospect, Klay is 31 coming off almost two years from not playing ball. There's a lot of risk associated with a trade like this. To strike out on a Ben Simmons trade would be very painful for Philly basketball fans. Markelle Fultz, our formal over first pick whom we traded for a bag of balls still stings very sharply with us processors. If we had picked Tatum we would have very well have been a Championship team by now.

So, I guess the real question is would you trade Ben Simmons for:

A.) Klay Thompson only at 100%

B.) Klay Thompson at 90%, with the possibility of being 100%

C.) Klay Thompson at 80%, with the possibility of being 90%

D.) Too much Risk, will be another Andrew Bynum and will only be a skeleton of his formal self or will be perpetually injured.

E.) The Juice is Worth the Squeeze! The fit is too perfect for this current Sixers team and his worth the risk to win a Championship now.

Go Birds!!!

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