Tyrese Haliburton might be available

Tyrese Haliburton might be available. Here is my fantasy trade. Kings get Ben Simmons and Shake Milton. Sixers get Tyrese Haliburton, Harrison Barnes, the King's 2022 1st round, unprotected pick, and both 2022 second round picks they control. They Sixers also get Maurice Harkless to make the money work.

Move Tyrese to the bench in favor of Tyrese. Put Green on the bench in favor of Harrison Barnes. Once the draft order is set, trade the Sixer's 1st round pick and the King's 1st round pick and maybe a bit more (Springer? The 2 second round picks? Reed?) and draft Chet Holmgren. Chet can play SF, PF, and C. He is going to be a superstar and, yes, he will help right away during Embiid's window. He actually lengthens Embiid's window (no pun intended). Chet was 175 lbs last year. He is now 195 lbs. Once he has enough strength he can move to PF replacing Harris.

So, the projected teams is:

This year: PG Tyrese Haliburton, SG Seth Curry, SF Harison Barnes, PF Tobias Harris, C Joel Embiid.

Next year: PG Tyrese Haliburton, SG Seth Curry, SF Chet Holmgren, PF Tobias Harris, C Joel Embiid.

The Sixer's would compete for the title for the rest of Embiid's career. Yep, even when he has lost two steps and can't jump.

This is how a team is built. Trade for pieces, role players, solid starters; draft superstars. It is the only way to get them at a reasonable price and at a reasonable point in their careers.

Oh, and the Sixers would be just $134K over the cap, if is correct. Under the cap next year if they want by not retaining Danny Green or Harrison Barnes.

What's not to like? (I know. You're going to tell me.)

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