Please note, if you're a real Philly fan, this post is tongue and cheek.

Well, it looks like you Philly fans have done it again! First, you've pissed off Mr. Ben Simmons to the point where he never wants to suit -up for the franchise again. Now, you're doing the same thing to Tobias Harris! You guys booed Harris so much that he started telling you not to clap after he finally made a turn around jump shot.

"Don’t f****** clap! Don’t f****** clap!" Screamed Mr. Harris while running up the court after making the shot.

The problem is, Harris is on a Max contract, but (lately), he has not been performing up to the level of a max player He's shooting 29.6% from 3-point range, and hasn't connected on one since late December! The BROOKLYN NETS game was an epiphany for this team; but Harris was almost non existent. It took 2nd year player Tyrese Maxey to step up in order for us to win that game. I get that Tobias is coming back from his bout with COVID, (and I personally wish him well), but so have other players.

Except for Joel Embiid, (who gets it), it seems like a lot of these professional players today are like Mr. Whipple: "Don't Squeeze the Charmin" soft! Philly is a tough city with a reputation for being passionate about our sports teams. The bottom line is: WE JUST WANT TO WIN! We are literally starved for an NBA championship here. We haven't tasted one (in Philly) since Doctor J, Moses Malone and Andrew Toney were wearing SIXERS' gear! If Tobias' skin is so thin that he can't take a few boos, (if he's legitimately playing poorly), he should ask management to trade him to a much softer city, (like Mr. Simmons is in the process of dong)!

...Or, maybe you Philly fans should just come to the arena, and just SIT DOWN & SHUT (the bleep) UP!


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