A New Era

Like many, I would like to see a Simmons trade before the deadline that brings perimeter help for this season and long- term. But this may be unconducive to getting the best draft picks, by boosting potential trade partners' records with a Ben or Tobias. I know mgmt must want to give the current well- balanced team a playoff run. I foresee that there might be a 'margins' move irl (such as sending out Danny for a more self- creating perimeter guy) but for this fanpost's purposes I'll assume no move that affects next season's incumbents is made.

So let's look at some teams likely to have high picks and what their needs will be for 2022-23 season and beyond: Orlando, OKC, and Houston.

There are simple cash- ins to be made with Orlando, which include Ross and Hampton, and then if you wanna send Isaac and/or Okeke elsewhere, the 23 firsts come into play and Orlando gets a star big back. This could be Sabonis or Siakam.

Houston could use 3 point shooting, and wing scoring with Green and KPJ handling the ball a lot, they don't need a true point guard unless Kev continues to be a tempest. The franchise is extremely lucky to have come up on Tate, whatever they end up doing with him. This is a good fit for both Seth and Tobias. I could see Houston looking to draft a potential quick star big in Wembenyama (2023 Draft), not so serious for Holmgren who needs 3 years of muscle to be a fulltime starter or Banchero who might just not be athletic enough to give you 20 season in season out.

We know that they want to build around Green, Tate, KPJ, KMJ, and Sengun, and Banchero's skillset doesn't really diversify that. I don't think Jabari Smith is worth a high pick to them; he would have to complete a win- now rotation to have an impact. Can't be good enough of a defender soon to roll him out there and park him in the corner cause even Tate I would give the ball to 1st in the halfcourt than Smith. Picking him would mean wasting a year unless Wood were moved for 1sts at the same time.

So the trade is quite simple, swapping Philadelphia and Houston's 2022 1st rounders. Philly receives Wall and Houston receives Curry and Harris. This should be a top 6 selection for Philly to make.

OKC will be looking for a center soon. Banchero should match with Poku in their frontcourt rather than the other top guys. But 3 years of Simmons would be an even better fit. Why try to finagle SGA and a high pick when Philly can get high level offense elsewhere for a lower price than SGA? and OKC can still use low 1sts on shooters in a pretty level field of a draft.

Here is the maximized OKC trade.

OKC receives: Simmons, Reed, two 2023 2nds from Philly

Washington receives: Danny Green, Niang, Springer

Charlotte receives: Favors, Bertans, Joe

Philly receives: Hayward, 2025 own 1st back, 2022 OKC 1st

In the draft with the high picks, Philly should get hold of Holmgren and Mathurin. When Wall and Hayward expire in 2023, there will be very much cap space. And the following season will be the 14th for both so they can return for low if anything. I am glad to have kept Korkmaz but disappointed that Aldemir has retired. At least Shake can be around for the culmination of the process.

By doing these two reasonable trades, the 2022-23 rotation would look something like:











So obviously 2 veteran shooters and a strong defensive 4 turns that into a contender as Chet puts on some weight and Bennedict refines his shot selection at the pro level. Is it really Chetham? He needs to earn that 'ham' while on a roll, similarly to the -Hans being earned in the greatest center's rooky year. I see Chet being a 4 next to Embiid long- term, don't want to waste half his career going through it in the lane like a young Bosh or a Streetclothes yano.

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