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Podcast: Recapping the Sixers’ undefeated week

Bryan Toporek joins Sean to look back at Philly’s 3-0 week. Plus, they discuss the MVP race between Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić.

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Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Following a 3-0 week for the Sixers, Sean is joined by Bryan Toporek to zoom out and discuss the trade market landscape with the deadline two weeks away.

How much fire is there to the James Harden smoke, and what financial levers would have to be pulled to get him to Philadelphia this summer? If Daryl Morey doesn’t break fans’ hearts by keeping Ben Simmons beyond the trade deadline, which of the rumored destinations make the most sense?

Should Morey be making the hard sell on including Tobias Harris as part of the trade package? Aside from Simmons, what else might Morey be able to do at the deadline? With not many mid-tier, movable contracts on the roster, it might not be much.

Finally, Joel Embiid is now the odds-on favorite in some sportsbooks to win NBA MVP. We discuss his improvements this season and what looks like a sequel in the Jokic-Embiid MVP showdown.

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