Ben and Maya in Moorestown

Joel Embiid is the best player in the league.

Ben Simmons is really good too.

They won the eastern conference regular season together.

Ben Simmons was not having fun after the heartbreaking playoff loss.

Ben Simmons felt anxiety, and depression after the heartbreaking playoff loss.

Ben Simmons proposed to a 10/10, AND SHE SAID YES!

Ben Simmons is happy again, and they’ve been spending time in Moorestown.

I’m a Connecticut boy, but my dad is a Jersey boy, a South Jersey boy, and I went to Villanova.

I know where Moorestown is, that’s near where my dad grew up, and I met people from Moorestown at Villanova.

That’s South Jersey.

South Jersey loves Philadelphia sports.

Ben Simmons is going to return for the playoffs after an entire regular season of rest.

Ben Simmons is marrying Maya Jama.

"Maya" means "magic" in Hinduism.

Love is magic.

Love can heal a broken heart, and a broken mind.

Love improves mental health.

I know that some of you are probably lonely, and depressed like me, but at least none of us are ever anxious.

How could we be anxious?

Years of tanking has taught us patience!

Let’s be positive!

Let’s try to entice Ben Simmons back onto the court as soon as possible!

Sports writers play a role in sports!

Ben Simmons, and his wife probably read this website.

Ben Simmons doesn’t like reading bad publicity about themself.

Nobody does.

So let’s stop writing bad publicity about Ben!

Follow my lead.

We love you, Ben!

I don’t want a point guard who is shorter than Ben Simmons, or who is a worse defender than Ben Simmons.

I want Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons!

They won the eastern conference regular season last year, they’re good together, we’ve all seen it.

Trying to reduce Ben Simmons to his performance in one playoff series doesn’t make any sense.

It was one playoff series.

"Trade drama" means pageviews on "potential trade" articles for sports writers from every team.

Don’t fall for the click bait, it’s pageviews-seeking writers who are hurting our team.

They know that Ben Simmons probably reads their writing about him, and they still write as if he’s too mentally weak to look Joel Embiid in the eyes after their little fight.

Joel Embiid is the best player on the team, and in the league, but Ben Simmons is the second best player on the team, and also one of the best players in the league.

They can work it out, especially with any level of FAITH from the Philly faithful!

I’ve seen St. Nick Foles score [DMBSongTitle: #]41 points to beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl after DMB played the concert the night before.

We all know that Nick Foles loves Jesus Christ, and that the city of brotherly love loves love.

Nick Foles made a miracle that day.

If Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons can work it out, and be dominant teammates, and friends again then it still won’t be as miraculous as that Super Bowl was.

One of the only reasons I asked my parents to spend $250k to send me to Villanova was so that the Eagles would hopefully win their first Super Bowl when I was down there. Happened my senior year. Also 2 NCAA Championships.

I knew that Villanova was going to be better than UCONN for my 4 years of college, but I didn’t know how much better they were going to be. Most Connecticut boys go to UCONN.


Trust the process!

I didn’t go to homework class at the Villanova, I only went to Philadelphia sports games, DMB concerts, and ski mountains in the poconos.

Big Boulder, and Bear Creek forever!

Stay trippy, Philadelphia, and drive safe!

It’s always icy in Philadelphia, especially in the winter!

Black ice is dangerous.

Black people are not dangerous.

Let’s end racism!

Vote Dave Matthews, and Joel Embiid for president 2024!

That was a joke, they’re both African, they can’t be president.

Vote Carter Beauford, and Sam Hinkie for president 2024!

Vote Woodstock for president 2024, or at least let’s have a Woodstock 2024!

Woodstock forever!


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